Happy New Year 2021

Tips to Celebrate the New Year of 2021 at Home with Family

We always said Happy New Year every time the year changes with the hope for a better year in the future. This year, when you say Happy New Year 2021 it will have a much deeper meaning. We have been through a rough year in 2020. And, we all hope for a better year in 2021 where the pandemic will be over. Even though we are still in crisis, it doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the New Year. So, here we have several ideas for celebrating that moment from home and keeping the distance from the crowd.

Watching Movies

Many online streaming services offer an interesting collection of the latest movie you can watch. Spend your night with these movies. It will be even memorable if you do it with your entire family members. You also can make it special with a simple change. For example, try to watch the very first movie you watched together with your loved one. It will also be an event where you can remember and feel nostalgic for the past happy memories.

Have a Big Family Dinner/Party

Cook or buy the food that your entire family members like. Then, enjoy it on the night of the New Year 2021. This moment feels much more valuable because you spend it with people that you love the most. Rather than visiting the crowded area and spending New Year’s eve with a stranger, isn’t this much better? Furthermore, with the favorite and delicious food ready to enjoy, you will get nothing but fun and pleasure.

Throw a Party Game

Open the internet and find the best party game that you can play with your entire family members. There are tons of them. Find the game that is easy to play and prepare. So, the game itself won’t take too much time to prepare. It means you can still cook the delicious food we mentioned above while preparing the game.

Countdown with Your Entire Family

A New Year without a countdown doesn’t feel complete. So, do it at your home with your family. Prepare some trumpet or anything that can make a loud noise. Then, when the time is getting close to the year change, count it down together.

Pray Together for Better Year

Once you and your entire family are finished counting down the time, you can assembly your family members in one room. Then, the head of the family can lead a prayer. Ask God for a better year, no pandemic, and others pray that you might have.

Enjoy the First Sunrise

The last thing you can do is waiting until the sun comes out from behind the horizon on the first morning of 2021. The sunlight that touches your skin that morning will feel different. Its warmth will give you the strength to move and work harder in 2021.


Now, you won’t have any problem making the best Happy New Year 2021 moment when the time is coming. Spend your time with your family and close friends. It is the best way to welcome a new year.

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